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Welcome to BloodFrenzy!


We are a casual and friendly guild focusing on enjoying all aspects of the game in a relaxed atmosphere. Our officers are experienced, patient and helpful. Our guild city is almost full t3, level 20 renown, we run all dungeons (including HM's and UC's) and raid up to t5 with friends and allies.
We are honoured to be surrounded by such nice people and we are looking for more friendly souls to join the legion!!!
For more info about the guild click here
Have fun,
The Slackfrenzy team

Weekly Raid Schedule

Ravenwreck - 368 days ago







Time (gmt)







T3.5 or MC


T4 Jade Citadel

T3 or MC

T5 continued

Raid Leader

Yorgo or Coby

Crandar or Ellori



Crandar or Ellori

For more info about raids, requirements, tactics and so on take a look here
You can sign up at the raid planner here

Note that sign ups are optional but signed up people will have priority in case there are more than 24 sign ups places are given to those who sign up first but not necessarily on the toon they signed up on.
Apart from T5 where there are some basic rules of who is given a spot, to view these Click here

Have fun!!!

Guild News

Kyllikki down - T5 finally cleared!

by -Ellori, 27 days ago

After a couple of years of hard work we have finally managed to clear T5, so congrats to all our raiders (BF, WoA & friends) especially those that have been here since the very start wiping for weeks on Yakhmar...

Hopefully we will have more successful raids in clearing T5 before setting our eyes on T6!

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